• Oct 15

    U2’s tie-up project with Apple flared up Iggy Pop’s sentimentality saying that these activities encourage illegal downloaders and the act of thieving itself. He said that today’s music industry was entirely pirate.

    His other statements include blasting electronic devices that make it easier to steal music than to pay for it.

    Iggy Pop’s point is that musicians are already suffering at the hands of publishing executives. While he appreciates that people are refusing the U2 free download, he does not condone the behaviour that would encourage piracy in any way.

    However, he also condones authorities for punitively punishing individuals who had illegally downloaded music. According to Pop, prosecuting a college kid who shared a file is similar to being punished during the medieval years of the world, where a nuisance to the King meant being beheaded.

    According to Iggy Pop, art does not deal with money. He said that most music executives only want money from their signed musicians.

    He noted that today’s musicians are not just punished by the music executives, but by the digital public itself. He described the public’s behaviour as non-appreciative of  musician’s efforts and instead make a choice but do not want to face the consequences.


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  • Sep 11
    1. Bring a Copy of the Lyrics

    Vocalists are known to memorise their songs, especially their hit singles, but it wouldn’t be skin off your nose to bring an extra copy of your lyrics now, would it? In some situations, you may get some words or lines wrong, and a copy of your lyrics in your phone or tablet should be good enough to resolve this situation.

    1. Everybody Knows their Parts

    When walking into a studio, every musician should know the parts they need to play. If the guitarist knows the song, the drummer must also know the song. If the cellist knows the arrangement, the violinist must also have his or her own score inside the recording bar.

    1. Check Cables

    Cables may seem minor things, but they are the veins that keep the studio capable of capturing your recording. Have your recording engineer and technicians check if the cables are aligned and if there are any noise or crackling sounds. These may compromise the quality of your recordings.

    1. Available Memory

    For home recording enthusiasts, before hitting the record button, be sure to check for free space in your HD or external storage. Recording a band at 24-bit, 44100khz could eat up serious memory, and you do not want to be caught with your pants down.

    1. Back-Up Instruments

    Anytime, a part of the instrument may break or ill-perform, such as broken strings, faulty wiring or sudden deformity. A back-up instrument will be necessary to avoid delays and hassles.

  • Aug 14

    Countless research have pointed out how different the musician’s mind is especially when it is learning new songs, plays by the sheet and interacts with another musician. As music proves to be a universal language, countless research had also proven that music enhances the learning process of a person.

    Now, researchers have additional research proving this, and music’s proficiency in helping individuals learn how musical training helps improve language and reading skills, both crucial to the learning process.

    Dr. Nina Kraus of the Northwestern University, backed by the American Psychological Association, had placed hundreds of children in high schools educated in musical courses for a year. After the study, children of 9-10 year olds had better reading scores than those who did not take musical courses.

    A group was also discovered to have better cognition and comprehensive skills as compared to those without musical education.

    The research only focused on the impact of music lessons, but not the actual impact of the processes or the identification of musical processes that impacted the skills of the students themselves.

    Speech sound recognition became much faster with musically trained children. They were able to distinguish sounds faster even with background noise.

    Dr. Kraus’ discovery said that music had a positive impact on the brain and remodelled it to recognise patterns and isolate these patterns. Kraus said most children have “noisy brains” or brains that process information they have yet to understand. Music allows them to isolate a single piece of information and analyse it quickly before proceeding to analyse another.


  • Jul 11

    If you managed to have secured a good, high-quality recording studio to record your songs, you better treasure it. Studios have hectic schedules and every second of your recording counts. Making a smooth recording session with a studio is imperative to the success of your recording project. Here are a few things to do to ensure you get your money’s worth.

    1. Everyone Practices at Home
    Having everyone in sync is highly important. A song is composed of different instrumentalists and if one fails to fulfil their task accordingly, it could take some more time to record a song. Remember, you are paying for hours, so minimising re-takes and discussion of certain song parts you should consider irrelevant.

    2. Pre-Recording Briefing
    Before you begin, have you and the other musicians meet regarding the sound the studio can deliver. Certainly, the studio had already recorded previous albums. You have selected the studio because the artists that belong in their roster are close to your sound, or their mixes have the energy you intend your recording to have. Be sure to inform the studio beforehand about your mixing and recording preferences based on their previous works, and if there is more time, experiment with the sound you believe you need in your recording.

    3. “Tick” Tracks
    Metronome tracks or “tick” tracks are essential especially if your group plays complicated passages with changing musical fundamentals. Tick tracks ensure that the tempo is correct. It would be better to produce a demo to allow the recording and audio engineers to have ideas and explore these ideas before you actually come in and record in the studio.

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  • Jun 12

    Music streaming is becoming an advantageous service for mobile internet users, and for many record companies. Amazon has joined the streaming music trend and has launched Amazon Prime Music. The service will provide customers access to over 1 million songs and playlists, set to rival existing streaming leader Spotify.

    Amazon will be stopping support for Amazon MP3 and Cloud Player apps on Android and iOS. Instead, it will be introducing the Amazon Prime App. Customers will be paying $99 yearly for the subscription service just like Spotify, but instead of just music, users could also subscribe to e-books, which will be useful for Kindle users.

    The service is also advertisement free. Users can also download songs for their offline listening. Curated playlists will cater to different genres, and will also feature a Top Songs list.

    Amazon Prime Music will differ itself from its competition by allowing no free “radio” mode. Instead, users, even those using the application without a subscription, can stream any song they want online. As opposed to Spotify’s skip limit, Amazon provides low quality playback but with unlimited skips.

    However, Amazon said that they will not be including the latest hit songs from artists in Prime Music. They believe that popular songs do not often have staying power, but users could stream albums from 2013.

    The service will also feature an intuitive recommendation system that will recommend to you songs based on the songs you played earlier.


  • May 14

    Famed rapper Eminem had always tackled his mother as the subject matter in many of his songs, and this is greatly due to his troubled childhood living with a mother who abused substances other than alcohol. In his recent music video, he featured facing his mother face-to-face in a tight embrace, before they pass to go on their separate ways once again.

    Eminem, more known in real life as Marshall Mathers, had often talked ill about his mother during the early days of his career. Most of his lyrics tackled his mother’s substance abuse, his own substance abuse, the mother’s loss of custody of his brother, Nathan Mathers, due to substance abuse, and more.

    On Mother’s Day, Eminem took the time to apologize to his mother. In his lyrics, he described that his mother was always beautiful, because she is his mother. He apologized for using ill-descriptions about her mother and his contribution to further severe and hurt the ties they have with each other.

    The song, with the featured music video, “Headlights” shows the early childhood of Eminem until he meets his mother again during the present day. The video shows that despite their separation, problems and other unfinished dilemma, Eminem and his mother still love each other.


  • Apr 4

    According to FSCS research, payment protection insurance had not yet reached its peak in the United Kingdom. FSCS executive Mark Neale said that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme’s research cannot give an accurate mark on when will the UK see the peak of PPI claims, but the research indicates it will not be in 2014 or even in 2016.

    The FSCS estimates that they will receive an increase of 28% in the number of consumers making a payment protection insurance claim with them and the FOS. The FSCS, like the FOS, also deals with conflicts between financial institutions and consumers. The FSCS handles processes in majority, while the FOS handles financial products in general.

    Tony Boorman, Chief Ombudsman replacing ex-Chief Natalie Ceeney, said that the Financial Ombudsman received the last half of 2013 40% less of the complaints it received during the first year. At least 263,000 PPI complaints have dropped to 190,000 by the end of December. Despite the improvement, Boorman said the numbers were still “depressingly high.”

    PPI or payment protection insurance repays loans, mortgages and credit cards in case consumers get sick, become unemployed or have an accident. However, because of bank employees trying to increase work volume, most consumers ended up with an insurance policy they do not have any use for.

  • Mar 6

    The Canadian Country Music Association had named London to host the 39th annual Country Music Week, which is one of Canada’s largest music events. CCMA President Don Green said that they are very thrilled with the engagement of the City of London and they are excited to host the event in the city of Ontario

    Tourism London’s John Winston said that it was quite a big relief to say that after four months of keeping everything in the lid, they can finally talk about the details of the Country Music Week.

    The Canadian Country Music Week will run from September 8-11, 2016. A four-day event, it would mean great exposure for the Ontario city. According to Winston, the event will use all venues as they are expecting 600 people from North America to participate in the country music festival.

    The CCMA also expects to have over three million Canadians to watch the awards show to happen in the Budweiser Gardens.

    London City had defeated other cities in bids to host the Canadian Country Music Week. According to local observers, it is the first time the Country Music Week will be held in southwestern Ontario.

    The CCMA expects the economic impact of the event to be approximately $6-8 million, including 2,000 hotel room nights, employment boosts, transportation, food, beverage and other expenses.


  • Feb 4

    Every single day, I could see this girl in the subway, looking at her phone with her big, open-sided headphones. She was listening to some new indie band’s music. I could hear it and it really sounds great. I’m a musician myself; I play guitar and compose my own music, and I say to myself that people like her is the key to spreading music.

    I work as a writer for an advertising firm in the morning. My bandmates and I play gigs whenever we can. The scenes are small. Local city or town bars showcasing local talent including us. We get lucky being snagged along huge stages for significant corporate events with other big named bands. We look up to them and say that they’ve got the life.

    But then again, I made the choice to compromise my passion and my need to fill my stomach and pay the rent. Working in the corporate world helps give me the income I need, but it also drains me the energy I have. We barely make anything playing in independent events. We get lucky if we manage to get some free food, or the organizers give us some $5 to split with each other. We’re very, very lucky if we get $30 too.

    Sure, there’s the internet. There are a ton of ways to earn money from a music album through the internet. But then, you’ll need to invest in them too. I can’t pay at least $50 bucks to sell my album for now. I have to admit though that it is very good publicity.

    If you’re living the life of a band in the 21st century, you could produce your album at home with made-more-affordable audio equipment at the ready. The Internet is there to give you pointers. You could record your performance on video and post it in the internet. But still, it only saturates the media already present.

    With so many bands doing the same thing as you, earning $30 is already lucky, and the chances of making it big are very, very slim. This is why I still have a day job.

  • Jan 3

    Springsteen’s new songs will be aired in snippets in CBS’ critically-acclaimed drama The Good Wife. Being one of the most unusual spots to listen to his songs, Springsteen’s 18th studio album, named High Hopes, observers expect to fare well in terms of anticipation before its January 14 release.

    The album could be streamed at http://www.CBS.com/springsteen from 10PM Sunday until 7PM ET on January 13.

    The unusual listening spot was a part of a deal between Columbia Records and CBS to allow for wider exposure of the album. With The Good Wife having a majority of Bruce Springsteen fans as its viewer base, the airplay for both the series and the album both companies expect to rise.

    CBS paid a customary fee for the songs in the episode.

    The High Hopes album contains 12 songs, with covers from The Saints and Suicide. According to Springsteen “this is music I always felt needed to be released” and “I felt they all deserved a home and a hearing.

    Co-creator and Executive Producer Michelle and Robert King said they had a “super-secret” listening session of the album a few weeks ago and they originally planned with Columbia Records to have only one song. However, Robert said “We got greedy” and got three songs for the series.